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Welcome to LYLAC Homeware Online Trading

Lylac Homeware is a specialist importer and wholesaler of homeware and gifts. With a wide range of everyday items as well as seasonal products, we provide quality customer service and hot selling items.

We are wholesaler. This site is for the retail trade only. You must register as our customer to gain access to our products page.

As wholesaler, we don’t have minimum order dollar value, but we do have minimum order quantity requirement, which is inner or carton quantity (where there’s no inner quantity specified). We do not break the inner or carton quantity (if there’s no inner quantity specified) to minimise product breakages.

Trading is easy

  • Online - The easiest way to order using our online shopping cart, it is secure and very easy to use.
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  • Fax - Please fax us on
    (02) 9604 0292
  • Phone - Call us on (02) 9604 0081
  • Wholesalers/Sales Reps - Phone us on (02) 9604 0081 to find wholesalers and sales reps covering your area.


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Catalog: .0 New Arrival
Catalog: .0 Promotion
Catalog: .003 Mardi Gras 2024
Catalog: .004 St Patricks 2024
Catalog: .005 Easter 2024
Catalog: .006 Ramadan 9/3-8/4
Catalog: .007 Mothers day
Catalog: .0 New Year 2025
Catalog: .1 Xmas party assessories
Catalog: .2 Xmas catering
Catalog: .3 Xmas gift wrap & Stationary
Catalog: .4 Xmas home deco
Catalog: .5 Xmas tree/garland/picks
Catalog: .6 Xmas tree deco&Small pieces
Catalog: .7 Hween dressup
Catalog: .8 Hween accessories
Catalog: .8 Hween Large Deco
Catalog: .9 Winter Preorder
Catalog: .1 Household Items
Catalog: .2 Kitchen Items
Catalog: .3 Kitchen Gadgets
Catalog: .4 Napery
Catalog: .5 Haberdashery
Catalog: Bathroom & Laundry
Catalog: Personal Care
Catalog: .1 Hair Accessories
Catalog: Flowers & Garden
Catalog: Gift & Deco
Catalog: .1 Home Deco
Catalog: .2 Wall art
Catalog: .3 Gift Wrapping Needs
Catalog: Stationery & Novelty
Catalog: .1 CRAFT
Catalog: .1 TOY
Catalog: .2 Party / disposables
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Catalog: .9 Chinese new Year 2024
Catalog: .9 Valentin's Day 2024
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Stock your shelves with stock that sells! Please browse our catalogue.
Easy to use online ordering system
Massive range of the latest products
Friendly staff and prompt service

Showroom: 86 Percival road Smithfield NSW 2164
ABN: 14 157 730 713
Phone: 02-9604 0081
Fax: 02-9604 0292
Email: sales@lylachomeware.com.au

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